Wedding Tips : Bridal Details Checklist

I want to share my bridal details checklist with y’all, and also share some of my favorite bridal details tips. I’ll be sharing a bridal checklist, a groom’s checklist, and also my best tips today in this blog, or you can just catch it in the video above.


Bride’s Checklist:

  • Dress

most brides adore their wedding dress (I know I did) it is one of their favorite parts, so it definitely deserves to be photographed in a special was

  • Veil/headpiece

some brides don’t wear a veil or headpiece, and that ok, but if you have a big beautiful veil, you NEED to have pictures taken

  • Rings

rings are some of my favorite things to photograph. They are so tiny and beautiful and I just love how each one is unique and special to each couple

  • Other Jewelry

whether you just have a simple bracelet or some beautiful stud earrings, you should have each little piece of your day captured

  • Perfume

one of my favorite traditions I have seen from my brides, is having a special perfume that they wear on their wedding day, that way every time they wear it, it reminds them of that day

  • Bouquet

bouquets are an important piece of your wedding day, and are a must to be included in your wedding details

  • Vows

if you and your groom are writing your own vows, they having them photographed is a must. Even if they are just written on a piece of paper, it is a special memory to have.

  • Wedding Stationary

the invitation suites/wedding stationary are always so beautiful and unique, and they really help the photographer kind of set the tone for the day

  • Something Borrowed/Blue, etc.

not many people do this one anymore, but if you do, definitely add it to the list


Groom’s Checklist

  • Tie
  • Cufflinks
  • Watch
  • Shoes
  • Handkerchief
  • Ring
  • Cologne
  • Boutonni√®re
  • Vows

a lot of the groom detail are similar to the bride’s so I won’t take the time explain each of them


Now here are my 3 best tips for improving your Bridal Details

  1. Get your ring cleaned – you want your ring to be looking good for its close up
  2. Get everything ready beforehand – having everything together not only helps you, but helps the photographer by saving time
  3. Ask Florists for extra florals – extra flowers help make those details pop


So there you have it! My Bridal Details Checklist, and my best tips! If you would like to see more tips, be sure to check out not only my YouTube Channel, but also my Instagram

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