Reagan is my Associate Photographer here at EMP. She is the full time second shooter at my weddings, but also associate shoots for me when I am booked already or out of budget. Reagan has been doing photography since she was 16. She is so good at interacting with her couples and making them feel comfortable. Reagan is a middle school teacher in Tuscaloosa. She just finished her first year of teaching since graduating from the University of Alabama last year. She is also the proud dog mom of  Juice and Nova, and has recently gotten married, so she can relate with so many of our couples on all things wedding planning!

I am Emily, and I am the owner and Lead Photographer here at EMP.  If you know me, then you know that my family and my Jesus are the most important things in my life! I have been married to my husband Ty for 8 years, and choosing to do life with him has been the best decision I have ever made! We have four beautiful children together, Joliana, Trenton, Jackson, and Averiana. These 5 people are my world and I would do anything for them! I am also the proud mom to my fur baby, Sydney too. I would not be where I am today if it weren't for the support of this crazy crew, and I could not be more proud to call them mine.

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  • Lead Photographer
  • Pizza Lover
  • The Office Obsessed
  • Associate Photographer
  • Dog Mom
  • newlywed

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Emily was such a joy to work with! She made my wedding picture dreams come true! She was so easy to work with and made sure we felt comfortable in all of our poses! We feel like she is now part of our family.



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Who doesn't love a beautiful sunset! I love how each one is unique and different. I also love how simple some are, and how spectacularly colorful others are. Each one is a master piece by God!


A few of my favorite things!


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Sydney is my 2 year old Siberian Husky! She was a gift from my Husband Ty for our 5 year wedding anniversary. She is the only dog our family has owned that has ever loved me more than Ty. I worked so hard to be her favorited too, and now she is spoiled and knows it. 


A few of my favorite things!


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If you follow me on instagram for any length of time, you will see that one of my go to's (especially after engagement sessions) is Buffalo Wild Wings! I have been a fan for many years and will continue to be until they run out of wings and cheese curds!

Buffalo Wild Wings

A few of my favorite things!



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I have seen The Office through probably at least 10x through in its entirety and will continue to watch repeat with no apologies!

"I am Beyonc√©  always" - Michael Scott

The Office

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So, although BWW is my go to restaurant, Pizza is my forever comfort food. Just ask my mom, I could eat pizza everyday, and would if I could! Now, what pizza is best, well, that is a conversation for another time. But trust me, I have opinions on this matter.


A few of my favorite things!


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Well, if you didn't guess it already, blue is my favorite color. I have always loved the color blue. Although I do have my favorite shades and hues of the color, you really can't go wrong with any of them!

The Color Blue

A few of my favorite things!


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I know I already mentioned it above, but this crazy crew is my life! I love them dearly, and I couldn't have a favorites list and not include them!

My Family

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If you're looking for images that are clean, romantic, and timeless, and a photo experience that is as easy as checking into a five star hotel, you're in the right place.

I value taking the time to get to know each couple that I work with so that I can best tell the story of their lives. Get ready to fill your walls with images that make you smile for years to come.

Forever changed

 my business

When I was first starting out in wedding photography, I was obsessed with getting the "perfect shot." I wanted to be featured in magazines, and have my work fawned over. I was so consumed with getting the shot, that I didn't take much time to get to know my clients. Sure, most of my clients were thrilled with their images. They were happy, I was happy, and it was on to the next wedding. Not too far into my career though, one of my brides was upset. She wasn't upset about the photos themselves, she actually loved the way they looked. She was upset because she felt like I didn't take time to capture the things that were important to them. Now, at first I was kind of upset, because I felt like I had done such a good job, and worked so hard, and I did. But I had failed to learn enough about my client to know what was important to them.

This wedding forever changed the course of my business and how I operate, because I never wanted to leave another couple feeling this way. This is why I take the time to get to know my couples now, and have a passion to tell their story in personal way that feels genuine and comfortable.


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I get asked a lot, What is the average cost among Birmingham, Alabama Wedding Photographers? or How much should I invest in Wedding Photography? This is a great question, and lucky for you, I have an answer! If you are totally lost on what it cost or what you should spend, please take a minute to check out this free guide.

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