Rockhurst Farms Wedding

Johnny and Allie were married at Rockhurst Farms in Wilsonville, Alabama. Although we had rain most of the day, (thank you, Alabama), their Rockhurst Farms Wedding was beautiful! The whole bridal party adjusted beautifully and just made the best out of it. Allie is so sweet and has such an easy-going attitude. She just went with the flow of things, and never complained one time. It’s hard to change things around when your wedding vision has to be adapted, but Allie was a champ and handled everything perfectly. I was so impressed with her throughout the entire day.

The details of the wedding were gorgeous! Allie’s gold and champagne colors were perfect for this September wedding and was a great transition from summer colors to fall colors. Allie’s earrings were a huge hit and I’m pretty sure everyone at the wedding wanted a pair of their own. The tiny pearls in the earrings matched perfectly with Allie’s stunning pearl necklace that belonged to her grandmother.

Allie and her dad had a first look, and we were able to do it outside in between the the periods of rain. Outside pictures were very important to Allie so I’m glad we were able to get some of the pictures outdoors. Because the chapel had a covered porch, the wedding ceremony was moved there and some of the pictures were taken there as well.

The rain did hold off for about ten minutes after the bride and groom’s first look and we took full advantage of those few minutes, and got busy taking pictures! We made the most of our time and the finished product of these photos did not disappoint. The original plan was to have the ceremony in front of this oak tree that Allie loves, so I was so relieved that we were able to get some pictures in front of it with just the two of them.

Right after the bridesmaids started their pictures outside, the rain came back in a hurry. At that point, we moved back to the chapel and finished our pictures there. Right as the ceremony was supposed to start, the entire bridal party and some family members were crowded around their devices as the Alabama/Florida game was finishing. You see, in Alabama, football is like a religion. 😆 With no regrets, the ceremony was delayed by a few minutes until they knew the results of the game. Thankfully, Alabama won the game and the ceremony was back in motion.

Johnny got emotional towards the end of the ceremony which only confirmed how much these two are in love. The day you marry the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with will bring all the happy tears, and that’s part of the beauty of the wedding itself. After the hustle and bustle of wedding planning, those emotions usually come to the surface right about the time of the ceremony and as a wedding photographer, that’s one of my favorite scenes to watch.

We were able to get a few more photos taken outside after the ceremony before the reception, and shortly after, Allie’s dad gave a speech that showed everyone just how much he loves and cares for the bride and groom. He talked about how wonderful they are as a couple, and how amazing of a team they already are together.

Johnny and Allie have already learned to communicate properly and compromise when necessary. Allie is an emergency nurse at UAB and her dad couldn’t help but mention how enamored he is with the woman she has become and the leadership she has shown during the pandemic.It’s obvious to everyone around how proud the families were of both the bride and groom.

Allie’s parents even choreographed a special dance to the song September just for Johnny and Allie. They made it so special and fun. The time they took to learn a dance did not go unnoticed and it made everyone in attendance smile.

The rain held off once again for the bride and groom’s sparkler exit and the two rode off together to start their new life as husband and wife. If there’s one thing I learned from this wedding, it’s that sometimes the plan you envision for yourself doesn’t turn out exactly the way you think it should. Sometimes, the plan changes completely. Worrying and stressing doesn’t change any of that, so you might as well sit back and enjoy it, in spite of life’s unpredictability. The beauty is in the journey so don’t forget to pay attention or you might just miss the best part of life.


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