Wedding Tips : Pros and Cons of having a Traditional Look


Today I am sharing the Pros and Cons of having a Traditional look on your wedding day. This is the second pros and cons video I have done. My goal for these videos is to help a bride who may be undecided on whether to do a first look or traditional look.


#1 – Balanced Timeline

  • your timeline won’t be “front load” heavy, so your pictures won’t all be at the beginning of the day

#2 – Flexible Ceremony time

  • having a traditional look will allow you to be more flexible with your ceremony time. you won’t have to worry about the ceremony time being pushed back later

#3 – The Big Moment

  • a lot of Brides live for the big moment, and plan their whole wedding around it. It is the highlight of the day for them



#1 – Time Crunch/Long Wait

  • having a first look sometimes puts a time crunch on the second half of the day. It also sometimes will delay you being able to get to your guests in a timely manner after the ceremony since that is when the majority of your pictures will be taking place

#2 – More Time Apart

  • because you and your groom don’t get to see each other until the ceremony, you will be spending the majority, or at least half, of the day apart.


Now that we have talked about the pros and cons of both a traditional look and a first look, I will share my professional opinion. As a professional, I always suggest a first look, because it definitely has more advantages. On the other hand, I was a bride once myself and I actually opted for a traditional look. Ultimately, it is up to you and your fiancé to decide. I advise you to talk with your photographer and planner and come up with the best solution for your wedding day needs.

If you haven’t seen part 1 of these videos, I will link it here – Pros and Cons of having a First look


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