Top 10 Wedding Venues in Birmingham AL

I have made a list of some of the Top 10 Wedding Venues in Birmingham, AL area. These venues are all different, and each have their unique qualities that set them apart! The Birmingham area has hundreds of venues, so it can get overwhelming when trying to decide on which one to go with. This list is made up of venues that I have personally worked with, so that you can hear personal experience and have first hand knowledge of what the venues are like. This list is in no particular order as all of these venues are fantastic yet so different, so it would be impossible for me to rank them.


1.   Windgate Farms


This venue is close to home for me. Windgate Farms is located in Jasper, AL, which is where I currently live! This little piece of Heaven has the most AMAZING views! Windgate Farms is has a beautiful bridal suite, and a cozy cabin for the guys to get ready in, so you’re covered for all your getting ready needs. This venue has pretty horses that are roaming around all day, and they even come up to the fence. There is a long driveway lined with beautiful trees and a white fence that makes for some gorgeous pictures. Windgate Farms is secluded, and has just about anything you could want, but the real sell for me is the view! I never get tired of it! The sun sets perfectly over the ceremony site, and it always has the most beautiful evening glow. Even though Windgate Farms is outside of Birmingham over in Walker County, it’s worth every bit of the 40 minute drive!

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2.  Oak Island Mansion


Oak Island Mansion is soooo dreamy! This venue is so unique. The house is so spacious it allows for so much room and creativity for photos throughout the day! The wrap around porch is one of my favorite things because it gives me quick access to each of the rooms, and save so much time, plus it makes for some stunning photos, especially if the weather is rainy and we are trying to keep the bride protected! Now, my absolute FAVORITE part of this venue is the staircase! I LOVE getting my bride to take some bridals on their beautiful staircase and balcony! The images look like they came straight out of a magazine! This venue has everything! the view of the water is beautiful, the have a beautiful fountain ceremony site, that I am obsessed with, and I love that the inside can be used for the ceremony in case of rain. It is always good to have a back up just in case! I love Oak Island, and it’s not too far out of Birmingham, but you will find this list is full of hidden gems just outside Birmingham, but still within the greater Birmingham area!

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3.   Reid Chapel


Reid Chapel is a wonderful place to have a wedding! The Chapel is so bright and beautiful. Reid Chapel is located at Samford University, and their campus is breathtaking! There are so many great places to take photos there, and they have the chapel as well as covered areas in case of bad weather, which is always nice! The campus is normally pretty quiet, and I always have such a lovely time! Samford is right there in Birmingham, and is pretty close to several places in case someone needs to make a last minute run. Convenience can be a life saver sometimes!

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4. Park Crest Event Center


Park Crest Event Center has everything you need! Their ceremony site has such beautiful view and it’s is perfect for a sunset ceremony! They have the cutest little fountain back there, and the most magical glow at golden hour! Park Crest has a beautiful reception hall, as well as an upstairs event space that can be used as an indoor ceremony site or a reception hall. I love their extra space because it makes for an easy rain plan just in case, but it also has the most beautiful chandeliers and white walls, and also has doors and windows letting in all kinds of natural light. This space is so versatile and it’s definitely a major selling point for this venue. Park Crest is located in Hoover and is a great venue to consider!

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5.   Camelot Manor


Camelot Manor is located in Westover and is just past Chelsea, AL, so it is not too far from Birmingham at all. Camelot Manor is so beautiful and quaint. I love the getting ready spaces in this venue. The bridal suite gets the whole upstairs. There is a cute little balcony, and all the rooms have amazing windows and the most beautiful lighting. It’s honestly a photographers dream! Camelot Manor has a beautiful ceremony space that is covered, but still allows a ton of natural light in as the sides are open. They also have gorgeous chandeliers hanging as well. Camelot Manor check a lot of boxes when searching for venues. Lots of clean white rooms and buildings, they also have stunning outdoor spaces to take photos at. Camelot Manor is cute and quaint, and it is definitely a venue to make your list!

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6. Rockhurst Farms


Rockhurst Farms is our second venue on the list that is located in Wilsonville. Rockhurst Farms is a great little venue that is secluded and quiet. This venue is for smaller wedding, and has the cutest little chapel. Rockhurst Farms also has the most beautiful Oak tree to have your ceremony at! This venue has so many places for photos. They also provide you with a golf cart to help you get around the property as their are many spots to go to! Rockhurst Farms is definitely a great venue for smaller or more private weddings!

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7. The Florentine


The Florentine is a beautiful venue! The ballroom is absolutely stunning with its big windows, chandeliers and beautiful layout and architecture. The Florentine is right in the heart of Birmingham and is close to so many nice hotels and locations for getting ready and portraits. This venue definitely screams classy and, and has a nice and sophisticated feel to it. The Florentine is for any couple looking for a timeless downtown Birmingham feel to their day and photos. You won’t be disappointed going with this venue!

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8. Hamilton Place – Pursell Farms


Hamilton Place is the furthest venue from Birmingham, but let me tell you, this venue is worth every bit of the drive! Pursell Farms has so much to offer. They have a resort and golf course that family and friends can stay if they aren’t local, they also have Hamilton Place where the bridal party can stay, and let me tell you, it is gorgeous! Hamilton Place is beautiful and so versatile. The indoor parlor area is great for classy bride and groom photos, as well as a great spot for family formals. Hamilton Places has so many options in case of rain or bad weather, and you will definitely feel taken care of. This venue may have the furthest distance, but the quality and care is unmatched!

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9. Thomas Jefferson Tower

TJ Tower is another great venue! The venue is located in downtown Birmingham so there are a lot of beautiful downtown spaces for getting ready and portrait spots. TJ Tower has big beautiful windows with lots of natural light. The white walls also make it have such a clean and bright look! TJ tower is a classy and timeless venue, and the ballroom is a big blank slate for anything you can think up, big or small. It is an excellent venue to consider, and would definitely make my list.

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10. The Sonnet House


The Sonnet House staff are some of the best around! They are so accommodating and helpful and make you feel taken care of no matter what! Sonnet House is a favorite because they have so much versatility when it comes to ceremony and reception spaces. Rain or shine, big or small, they have a space perfect for you! Sonnet House is so clean and bright! This venue is located in Leeds, and is a wonderful option if you’re looking for versatility and rain options.

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Thanks for checking out my list of the top 10 Wedding Venues in Birmingham, AL! I hope you found it helpful, and helps you narrow your search for a great venue!





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