Nathaneal and Becky McCarville: Michigan Wedding Photographer

Traveling to photograph weddings is always something I enjoy from time to time, but being a Michigan Wedding Photographer for the day was very new to me. This time was a little extra special as I spent some time in Michigan in my former college town, photographing one of my college roommate’s wedding. It was so fun to see old friends and drive around town to see what all has changed since I was there.

Becky originally planned for a December wedding, because her and Nathanael are teachers and planning around school dates is a must. They ended up needing a little more time to plan details for the day and I was welcoming a new member to the family at that time. I was so excited to be able to say yes to their new wedding date during Spring Break and that we were able to work out the dates!

Unfortunately, spring in Michigan doesn’t quite hit until June 😂. We had a little cold and rainy weather but that did not get these two down! They were so happy to be getting married and they were very positive even though we had to move some things around for the weather.

Becky had the perfect photo location picked out for pre-ceremony pictures, but because they decided against a first look, we opted to stay inside for the first set of pictures to keep her dress clean. I loved watching her smile as she saw her new groom drive up. Although he couldn’t see her, I loved capturing these special moments leading up to the ceremony.

These images of Becky and Nathanael’s ring on the piano were some of my favorites of the day because they stand out and really show off the beauty of the rings. Becky’s mom gave her a piece of her wedding dress so of course, I had to document that as well. What a special and sentimental gift!

After the ceremony, we were finally able to go outside where we took all of the wedding party photos and all the shots we needed for bride and groom as well. To say we were excited to be outdoors is an understatement. Even though there was snow on the ground, we made the most of it and still got the most beautiful pictures of the two of them.

Becky’s sister made the wedding cake and let me tell you- this girl is so talented! Every detail of this cake was so beautiful and perfectly displayed their green and gold wedding colors, which I loved.

The reception was so beautiful as family and friends gathered to celebrate the love between Becky and Nathanael. The speeches were heartfelt and I’m sure there were more than a couple tears of joy shed as these two drove off as newlyweds. I’m so happy for Becky and her new groom as they start this new journey of life together and I couldn’t be more honored that she asked me to be a part of her special day.

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