Thomas and Elizabeth: Birmingham Al Engagement Photographer

I am so excited to show off some of these images from Elizabeth and Thomas’ engagement session at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. It was the perfect day to capture some moments between this bride and groom-to-be and of course in celebration of their big day quickly approaching in October.

It was a doozy trying to find the perfect day to shoot this session and poor Elizabeth and Thomas were troopers and totally committed to make this happen. They live in Atlanta, and since that is quite a drive, I wanted to make sure they didn’t come all this way only to get rained out. The most challenging part about being a Birmingham, Al Engagement Photographer is working with the weather, especially in the summertime. Although we had to re-schedule this session three times, I’m so glad it worked out on the day that it did, but we had decided, rain or shine, we were committed to this session!

As soon as we all arrived at the Botanical Gardens, of course it started sprinkling. We made our way to the Greenhouse to wait for it to pass, and it ended up barely raining at all. We all managed to stay dry, and the sun actually stayed shining the entire time-even through the sprinkling rain. It was an unusually quiet evening at the gardens for a Saturday, but we weren’t complaining! I had set aside plenty of extra time in case of crowds or rain, but it ended up being a very peaceful evening.

Engagement pictures were the one thing that Elizabeth really wanted before their wedding day in October, and Thomas was set on making it happen for her. That, my friends, is true love, and there is no better place to celebrate that love than at the Botanical Gardens. It’s the perfectly, romantic place, and a favorite of mine to shoot at.

From the Botanical Gardens, we headed over to the parking deck in Downtown Birmingham. After a quick outfit change, Elizabeth and Thomas were now ready to brave the heat and I’m so happy that they did. These images have quickly become a favorite of mine and I honestly cannot stop obsessing over these!

The rooftop is also usually crowded on Saturdays but on this particular evening there was only one other family up there and shortly after, we ended up with the whole place to ourselves.

That golden sunset light started to shine through and I got some of the most stunning pictures I have ever been able to capture on this rooftop. Her ring shone in the sun just right, and that beautiful, natural light always creates that dreamy esthetic I know every bride and groom is hoping to see in their engagement photos. It was literally the perfect timing because as soon as we were done with the session, the sun disappeared behind the clouds for the rest of the evening- almost as if it was saying, “You’re welcome, and goodnight.” 🤣

I love that Elizabeth and Thomas decided to make a weekend trip and visit family while they were in town. They were even able to bring their dogs with them, and although the pups didn’t make the engagement shoot, I’m still holding out hope to be able to meet them at the wedding. 🤗

I think it is safe to say, I will be forever sharing images from this rooftop session because I am in love. I cannot wait for Elizabeth and Thomas to tie the knot in October, so be sure to stay tuned for more gorgeous images from these two. Elizabeth and Thomas, we will see you soon. 🤍

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