Kyle and Sarah: Alabama Engagement Photographer

Sarah and Kyle celebrated their engagement with a photo session on their land in Decatur, Alabama. It was absolutely stunning and the most perfect place to document the special time in Sarah and Kyle‘s life, and it is one of the many reason I love being an Alabama engagement photographer! We even had Sarah’s mon join us for the session and she was a huge help on this particularly hot evening in Alabama. She even carried Sarah’s outfits and the bench across the property as we found the perfect spots to take pictures.

The original plan for their wedding was a micro wedding in October with just close family and friends to attend. However, they decided to change their plans last minute. Instead of a micro wedding, they have decided to elope in Hawaii! I don’t know about you, but this sounds like a dream wedding.

Although I’m so sad I will not be able to go with them due to my pregnancy, I am so excited for Sarah and Kyle to be able to experience this wonderful time at a tropical destination. I love that they are so adventurous and willing to do something out of the norm to celebrate their lives together.

Can you imagine saying your vows on a beach in paradise? Seriously what a dream! It is going to be absolutely fabulous and I couldn’t be more excited for Sarah and Kyle.

The bride and groom-to-be even got me and the baby a little gift for being their Alabama engagement photographer, and I am so so thankful to have been a part of this stage in their lives.

To Sarah and Kyle, may this wedding be everything you thought it would be and more. I cannot wait to see all the images of you two on your wedding day.

Sometimes love sneaks up on us in the most unexpected ways. It has this way of bringing out our most adventurous side-the side of us that is loving, happy, and positive about life. Love isn’t perfect, but hopefully it creates in us someone that we are proud of. Someone that is better today than before. Someone our spouse can trust to go through life side by side with, knowing we aren’t alone. 🤍

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