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I love being a wedding photographer in Birmingham! I had the best time shooting Amber and Payton’s engagement session! They will be getting married next spring right here in Birmingham, Alabama at Park Crest Event Center. I was so pumped to be able to spend some time with them and get to know them a little bit because 2022 will be here before you know and it will be wedding time for these two! Can you believe we are half-way through the year already? 😳😮😱

Amber and Payton met at Auburn University, both pursuing their medical career and found each other along the way. They were engaged at Vulcan Park and are soon moving to Louisiana! Payton just finished his second degree in the medical field and just got accepted into a program at LSU. Amber is doing occupational therapy and will be joining him in the Baton Rouge area. Although I am sure they will be missed in Birmingham, I cannot wait to see what they do in this next stage of their lives.

We started off at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The gardens are always beautiful and a perfect place to take engagement pictures. I was actually surprised at how quiet it was at the gardens on this particular day because it is usually super busy.

The sun was hiding the entire day, but these pictures turned out beautiful nonetheless. As much as I love natural light, I love overcast days as well because there is still the brightness from the sun but never anything harsh in the images.

Our second location was a parking deck in downtown Birmingham. I know I have a lot of favorites, but this definitely has to be at the top of the list. These pictures turned out absolutely stunning. The wind was totally working in our favor because her hair and dress were flowing and blowing in all of the right directions. Seriously, how perfect are these two love birds together?! 😍

Amber and Payton are going places! They have already accomplished so many things in their life and are truly letting nothing stand in the way of their dreams. They were so down to earth and sweet. Seriously, we ended up talking for the longest time after our session and that is why I love being a wedding photographer in Birmingham. There are so many genuine, loving people here and I get to be a part of a chapter in each of their journeys.

Although it seems like I’m just the girl with the camera, I hope to be much more than that. Whether that means that I fix a boutonnière, help a bride out with her hair, or keep the kiddos happy during pictures, I’m there to make the day run smoothly and give the bride frozen moments in time on the most special day of her life.

Amber and Payton are the perfect couple and I cannot wait to witness their big day in April. Sun or no sun, we made this session happen and I hope these images bring back special memories for years to come.

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