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Happy Tuesday! I’m so excited to show y’all some of these gorgeous images from Johnny and Allie’s engagement session. I’m beyond thankful that we were able to connect. Social media is an awesome tool but can sometimes confuse us all. 😂 Johnny and Allie originally thought I was based out of Huntsville based on internet search, but still reached out to see if I’d be willing to shoot their upcoming wedding in Birmingham. Although I am actually based out of Birmingham, I will take on the part of Huntsville, AL wedding photographer any day! I don’t mind the drive and I always love getting to meet new people and shoot in new locations.

Speaking of locations, it is so hard to narrow down the perfect place! After all, these pictures are going to be hanging on the wall for years to come so it is important that my clients love their location choice. Allie and Johnny settled on Sicard Hollow Trail and Railroad Park in Birmingham which are two of my favorites.

A little while before the engagement session, Allie sent me a message to see if I was also up for shooting at her mom’s garden for a few minutes. I’m so glad she reached out about this because these images turned out stunning! I’ve actually had multiple people that have been curious about this location because of how good these pictures came out. I’m always up for anything and using family property is always a huge plus. Nothing spells out sentimental quite like your mama’s house.

By the time we reached Sicard Hollow, I was excited to see my usual favorite spot available for our use with no people around. This gave some privacy and and also plenty of time to get all the poses in. I loved shooting with Allie and Johnny because they were game for anything! Any pose I gave them, they did. Johnny picked Allie up, dipped her, all the things that give these engagement pictures that romantic vibe every bride and groom want. They didn’t have to play a part at all because it just flowed naturally.

Allie looked beautiful in her white dress and boots. The whole look was perfect for what we were trying to accomplish and I just think they are the absolute cutest! By the time we finished up at Sicard Hollow, I knew we had hit the jackpot with the light. As a wedding photographer, you know that I am obsessed with natural light. The way the sunlight hit the trees perfectly made me feel like this sunset was literally made just for this shoot.

We finished off at Railroad Park which is a favorite downtown park here in Birmingham. Even though we knew we were losing light, we still wanted to go for a few more variety shots. I’m glad we were able to make it for the last few minutes before the sun went down and get a few more pictures of these two in their second outfits. 😍 Allie and Johnny are also big fans of trains and right before the end of the session a train went through right behind them which was another special moment.

Allie and Johnny will be getting married in September at Rockhurst Farms and I could not be more excited to get to know them better and be a part of their special, once-in-a-lifetime day.

No matter what outfits you decide to wear, or location you decide to go to for an engagement session, the most important thing is that you lose yourself in the moment and remember what all of this is for. Remember that the person you are embracing now will be the person you cling to when there may be tough times ahead. The hand you are holding now, will be the hand you hold when you’re old and gray. And the day you say I do, will be a day that you hold in your hearts forever.

If you would like to see more sessions from these locations, you can check them out here:

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