Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Allie and Judson had their engagement session at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens this weekend and it was so dreamy! We also got some shots on the front steps of Southside Baptist Church. I love to shoot at multiple locations because it gives a variety of images for the couple to choose from.

I love Allie and Judson’s story, because although it’s a classic love story, you don’t hear about it happening all that often. Their romance began in middle school, and now, ten years later, they’re getting married. Eeeeek! Guys this is what dreams are made of. I didn’t even know what I wanted for lunch on a regular day in middle school, and these two already had it all figured out. A lot of kids think they know who they are going to marry when they’re young, but these two were totally right about it! Their story just makes me so happy and I cannot wait for their wedding in September.

Allie will be graduating with her pharmaceutical degree in a couple of weeks and then it’s full on wedding mode! I love that these two are so aspirational and know exactly what they want out of life. Judson was just spectacular during our session. I feel like it’s pretty natural for grooms to be a little camera-shy or less than enthusiastic while taking pictures, but not Judson. He was totally engaged and excited about every pose and ready for all the fun pictures too. He really set the bar high for every groom-to-be out there. As an engagement photographer, it always makes me happy to see couples lose themselves in front of the camera and just relax into each pose.

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens did not disappoint. Spring is in full bloom in Alabama and the gardens exceeded my expectations as usual. Despite it being prom season, and it being a little busier than usual, we were able to get some beautiful images with all of the Spring foliage and that perfect light coming through the trees.

Ally and Judson are just adorable together. They were natural in front of the camera and were just totally lost in each other which is what every engagement photographer loves to see. And did I mention her ring?! It is stunning.

I was totally inspired by Allie and Judson’s love for life and for each other. Although pictures can be uncomfortable sometimes, they just rolled with the punches and just went with it. Something tells me they have that laid back approach in life as well.

Life can be crazy at times. But at the end of the day, if you’re in the arms of the one you love, you have everything. So just go with the flow, and take on whatever challenges life brings you. If you’re together, you’ll forget the rest. ❤️

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  1. Wayne Duckworth says:

    Absolutely beautiful; both the pics and the couple!

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