Choosing an Engagement Session Location

Choosing an Engagement session location can be a daunting task sometimes. I am going to give you 5 questions to ask in order to help you narrow down an engagement session location, or just help you if you’re stumped.  A lot of these examples will be Birmingham related, but that is because I am a Birmingham based photographer. This can be applied to any location though, no matter where you live.


#1 – Where Do You Live?

So unless you plan to do a destination engagement session, where you live is a great place to start. If you just have zero ideas, ask your photographer for a list of locations in your area. Most photographers keep a list on hand. I have a list for each of the big cities surrounding close or surrounding me so Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, and Auburn all have lists.


#2 – Where Did You Meet?

In my area their are a lot of colleges ( UAB, Samford University, Auburn University, University of Alabama) and so a lot of my couples have met at these places, and it is fun to go back and take pictures where it all started! I have also had couples meet in more random spots around the city, so you definitely do not have to live in a college town for this to be true.


#3 – Where Did He Propose?

There are some popular proposal spots here in Birmingham. A few of my couples have gone back to where he proposed to get pictures. Another thing that some guys do is a surprise proposal. This kills two birds with one stone by having the proposal and engagement session all in one. It is definitely something to think about.


#4 – Where Is Your Venue?

I love it when my couples have their engagement sessions at their venue. It is so fun to listen to them dream about their future wedding while walking around. I also love taking a few pictures in some key spots, and then reenacting them on their wedding day. It always creates such special moments.


#5 – What Is Your Style?

This one can be kind of confusing, but if you and your fiancé are really laid back and have a more rustic look to your wedding, you may not want to have a downtown urban feel to your engagement session. Taking pictures on a parking deck in downtown Birmingham may not be your style. So see if your photographer knows of a more rustic location not necessarily in the city. This is true for the opposite. If you and your fiancé are not rustic or country at all, then a downtown urban engagement would be more for you. You can hear more about this one up in the video.


I know it is not always easy choosing an engagement session location, but I hope this helps. I give all kind of tips like this on my YouTube and instagram. I would love for you to follow along!

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